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A Journey

The media shown on this site also describes WyrdLight's journey through developments in technology, skill & hard lessons. Improvements were made in presentation when it became possible to apportion greater time to events. This too created space to volunteer with other organisations at Brookwood. The lesson you can't see is the loss of event data from 2010 to 2015 by not having a backup for a failing hard drive!!
In the couple of decades of visits to the wider military cemetery there has been a slow and recently accelerating change in the culture of the American Battle Monuments Commission and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. At Brookwood both have become much, much more than keepers of headstones & horticulture. Both organisations are reaching out strongly to all people to perpetuate the lifestories of those in their care.
At the American Cemetery this is evident in the continual passionate search by the Superintendent with the Cemetery Associate - Interpretative Guide, for information about the men and women memorialised there. Their efforts to sustain those stories are unfailing and often creative. The grounds team work tirelessly to present and surround the cemetery with the best horticulture. It is an honour and rewarding to be allowed to contribute to that effort. The image above was made at the Guildhall London during the Centenary of entry of the United States to World War I.