2017 Centenary Exhibition Launch Commemorating US Entry to the Great War
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Photographer Michael St Maur Sheil created an outdoor exhibition of contemporary battlefield landscapes describing the 'healing scars of the First world War'. The latest version entited 'The Doughboys 1917 -1918' is on tour in 2017 commemorating the centenary of the US entry to the Great War on 6th April. On that anniversary in 2017 the UK exhibition was launched at the Guildhall Yard, London where the photographer described his work and its purpose to a wide group of people including serving and retired military personnel, the Lord Mayor of London and the US Embassy Charge d'Affairs.

'Fields of Battle' is widely supported and 'does not seek to explain' the First World War, but 'seeks to introduce people to the subject.. .. by bringing these events to people in their own communities'. The Fields of Battle site and a wealth of information is here.

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